• 5 ways you can content batch in advance

    5 ways to content batch in advance | Miller Digital

    Content batching is the number one way to save time preparing and creating your content. I love content batching for myself and teaching my clients how to do the same is such a game-changer for their business. If you’re new to creating content or lacking some post inspiration then read on for 5 ways you […]


  • What the latest Instagram updates mean for your service business

    What the latest Instagram Updates mean for your service business | Miller Digital

    The latest news of Instagram updates from the head of the company Adam Mosseri stating that Instagram is “no longer a photo sharing app” has social media marketers, content creator and businesses frustrated and confused as to what to do with their content strategy. In today’s post I’m sharing my thoughts on what the latest […]


  • 3 ways to save time and automate your content

    3 ways to save time and automate your content | Miller Digital

    Creating processes and systems is crucial as an entrepreneur to save yourself time in your business and work smarter, not harder, with your promotions. One of the many ways to promote your business is using social media, and today I’m sharing my three best tips to automate your content and save you time. First, let’s […]


  • Why you should check your Instagram Insights

    Why you should check your Instagram Insights | Miller Digital

    Analytics and metrics are traditionally used for marketers or corporation who are tracking campaigns, key performance indicators or goals. Instagram has given Business and Creator accounts the ability to view Insights, or metrics, into posts. As a small business owner, you can tap into those same metrics to reach your goals AND, when you listen […]