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Have you ever found yourself wondering if Instagram Reels are worth all the effort? While creating content, editing the videos, finding music and the perfect caption can take a lot of time, it can also be incredibly rewarding.

Since launching in 2020, this feature has completely changed all the rules of the game, offering creators and service providers like you the opportunity to take your business to the next level. But how does it all work? Let’s jump right in.

Why Instagram Reels Can Help Grow Your Business | Miller Digital

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What are Reels?

Let’s start with the basics. Instagram Reels are a short video-based feature that allows you to create playful content to engage with your audience. Just like with TikTok, you have the option to record 15 second to 1 minute videos with special effects to be uploaded on your feed, the explore feed, shared Stories and the Reels tab on the platform.

Ways Reels can help grow your brand

So we know what they are but why should you be using Reels on Instagram? When you post video content it gets promoted to all users on the platform, including your current followers. That’s 1.22 billion active accounts!

Since being added to your homepage and the explore feed, it’s become a huge opportunity for you to expand your online community and build up your brand awareness.

Plus, with Facebook (Meta) owning Instagram, Reels are being pushed as suggested content to the Facebook News Feed – so double the eyes on your content! Video content is going to continue to be pushed by Instagram therefore you need to ensure you’re making it a part of your Instagram strategy.

How to play the Algorithm game

The Instagram algorithm can always be a bit of mystery but here are three things we know for certain:

  1. Instagram boosts accounts that are using their latest app updates.
  2. Videos that are original (not recycled content), good quality, vertical facing, provide value and take advantage of their app’s editing features (think music, special effects, transitions) will be pushed to the forefront.
  3. The algorithm favors users who post consistently. This means if you want to see results you’ve got to plan to push out creative content at least 3 to 4 times a week to increase your account’s visibility.

Want to be up to date on all the latest Reel trends?

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