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Do you wish you could feel confident using instagram to grow your business?

Join the Instagram Superstar 1:1 Coaching Program!

do you wish you could feel confident and organized posting your content on instagram?

Does this sound like you?

if you're thinking "omg, yes this is me!", then let me paint this picture for you...

Before I started working with Courtney, I was completely uncomfortable with posting on my business pages; I didn’t want to be sales-y or anything. Now, I feel in control of my branding and messaging as well as engagement. 

As soon as we started working together (and I mean, within 30 minutes of seeing all of her resources), I felt immediately at ease and ready to tackle social media. Courtney adds so much value to our sessions and throughout the whole coaching agreement. Outside of sessions, she was available to answer questions and provide feedback. On top of that, she gave me so many bonus resources with tangible ways to continue to grow my social media community long after our sessions have completed. 

Erika Dowell, Signal Operations


the instagram superstar coaching program

Your customized 6 week Instagram coaching program to feel confident and organized using Instagram to grow your service business!

Instagram Superstar

Get ready to feel confident and empowered with creating content and posting on Instagram.

No Instagram strategy is the same for any business – so this program isn’t your cookie cutter method. This is a personalized plan that addresses YOUR business’ needs and Instagram goals.

if you're ready to take your instagram to the next level, here's how the instagram superstar program works:

here's what instagram superstar coaching program looks like:

your coaching outline

You'll establish a solid Instagram foundation to ditch the content overwhelm and create a system to save you time!


You get access to the entire Instagram Superstar curriculum inside a private portal where you’ll view your weekly lessons, homework and made-for-you workbooks to make content creation easier.

Your 1:1 coaching calls via Zoom will be recorded and uploaded into your client portal so you can ensure you haven’t missed anything.

You can contact me via e-mail, text or DM Mon-Fri in between sessions with any questions, advice or feedback to clarify the concepts you put into action.

this is all worth over $3500, but you get it for $1350

I felt incredibly overwhelmed with no direction when thinking about social media and content creation.

Organization techniques – like the content calendar, pillars, batching all very helpful, which then contributes to time management in the end! Which was really what I wanted out of it in the first place! Now I have some clear direction and lots of ideas!


After working together, I feel much less overwhelmed, maybe even a bit excited. I feel like I know what to do now instead of endlessly scrolling and feeling totally lost. I know have a plan and know how to strategize.


Courtney came highly recommended and covered everything thoroughly. She killed it, I only wish I had more time with her!

Marissa Dennis, MAIA Pro

Hey, I'm courtney!

I know what it feels like to build a business, market yourself online, juggle your personal life and work with clients! It can feel like a never-ending wheel that spins faster and faster until you realize something’s got to change.

That’s why I created Instagram Superstar Coaching program for service based entrepreneurs like you!

It’s a system that shows you how to use Instagram and eases the stress of content creation so you can feel confident and empowered managing your own social media.

My goal is to give you the knowledge and tools to build your online presence with a custom plan that actually WORKS for your business.

If you’re struggling with content creation and stressed out with Instagram then I encourage you to join me in Instagram Superstar!

I loved working with Courtney. I had a lot of anxiety and fear around appropriate social media posting and management. She took the time to understand my pain points around social media. She listened, asked questions, and responded with great solutions, catered to me. Then we got to work! Courtney made everything easy to understand and helped me see what seemed like an impossible task much simpler. When I struggled with one concept, she sensed the need for change and proposed a great new direction. Full customization and personal service.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  

Lisa Robazza, Lisa Robazza Design

i want you to get the best results possible, so here's who instagram superstar is made for:

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

Social media is outside of my comfort so I felt completely out of my element when I started my business knowing I needed to use social media for marketing. My biggest take away was how to content batch once a month then use Later to auto post throughout the month. A huge time saver.

My experience with Courtney was relaxed, targeted and practical. I’m less terrified using Instagram but I know I’ll be completely comfortable in time.

I chose to work with Courtney because she came highly recommended and after meeting I knew I would be in good hands.

Wendy Freeman, Space Refresh by Wendy

I no longer feel like an imposter. I feel calm and confident knowing that I can support my clients as an expert. Courtney has such a kind and approachable energy. She is extremely generous with her knowledge and I felt that she was completely honest about her own experience with platforms.

Hannah McCormick, HM Virtual Assistance

are you ready to stop stressing about instagram?

Frequently Asked Questions

The materials are in a client portal that are accessible forever.

Instagram Superstar Coaching program is for service based businesses that provide a professional one-on-one service to clients. My clients have been virtual assistants, designers, home organizers, contractors, teachers and more.

Each video consists between 20-30 mins, plus a half hour or more for homework after each coaching session.

I do offer a one-time coaching session on a topic of your choice. Message me here for more info!

In short answer – no. Instagram Superstar is designed for entrepreneurs who enjoy using social media and want to learn how to do it themselves to grow their business.

Before working together, I felt like I knew there was more about Instagram, but I didn’t know what. Definitely a little insecure. Now, I feel like I have a plan. I have a direction and checklists to help me stay on track and motivate me to post and engage.

Mac Ramsden, Acorn Urban Forestry

I have worked with Courtney and it all started with a commitment to a few weeks, but the more we started working together, I realized how much Courtney knows, how knowledgeable she is, and the commitment to her clients was very telling. She puts 100% into each meeting and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Courtney to anyone looking for a social media or content coach.

Amy Nicole, ChicStudios

do you want to continue being overwhelmed by instagram?

Or do you want a system that is personalized to your business to create amazing content?

Please note all prices listed are in USD.