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Using analytics (aka data) from your past content is one of the EASIEST ways to create new content because your audience is literally telling you what they have liked in the past that you’ve posted.

For your Instagram account, Later analytics can give you data on your audience, your posts performance, Stories performance, hashtag analysis and their Linkin.bio analytics.

Looking at these analytics on a monthly basis will help you to plan out your upcoming content, so let’s dive into which ones will help.

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What your analytics are telling you

Your analytics should ALWAYS be the starting point when creating content. On a monthly basis you should be monitoring and reviewing your analytics, whether it’s directly from an app’s data or collected data from a third party such as Later.

Most of you know by now that I am obsessed with Later and use it to plan all my social media posts. This screenshot is from the month of September in a detailed post performance for Instagram only.

I sorted my posts by highest engagement rate to see what the results were. Remember:

Impressions: Total times a post was seen (including by the same person)

Reach: Total times your content was seen by individual accounts

When I look at September’s content, I can see that carousel posts have performed the best and two personal posts combined with fall photo-style content.

Photos of yourself will ALWAYS have the best engagement over other content. That’s just a given fact.

*Note* Later cannot give you data on your Reels analytics yet. You can access that directly through Instagram Insights.

So what I can gather from these analytics is that I should create more carousel posts that provide engaging content and photos of myself.

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Re-purposing content

One hack that I love to share with my clients is to do an overall best post performance filter on all your content from the past 6 months.

Review which of your posts did the best (again sorting by engagement) and try to re-purpose those top posts into new posts to share. You can use the same language or image, but switch out a few words or images. You can also re-purpose it into a Reel, Story, TikTok or Tweet!


The final step to planning your content with Later is to review your hashtags.

Sort your hashtags by reach and review which have performed best on past posts. Try to incorporate these hashtags into future posts that relate to the content.

Planning out your content with your analytics from Later is going help you create posts that your audience loves and is engaged with. Let me know how this works out for planning your content!