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The latest news of Instagram updates from the head of the company Adam Mosseri stating that Instagram is “no longer a photo sharing app” has social media marketers, content creator and businesses frustrated and confused as to what to do with their content strategy.

In today’s post I’m sharing my thoughts on what the latest updates mean and what you should be doing as service provider for your social media marketing.

I also broke this down on IGTV if you want to view it here.

What the latest Instagram Updates mean for your service business | Miller Digital

If you want to see the video Adam Mosseri posted you can view it here.

This is the key points he shared:

Instagram is focusing on 4 areas

  1. Creators
  2. Video
  3. Shopping – e-commerce specifically
  4. Messaging

The main reason users enjoy Instagram is to be entertained.

TikTok and YouTube is its biggest competitors. *This doesn’t come to a surprise to me as I’ve been predicting Instagram moving at pushing Reels for awhile now.

Instagram will be experimenting with user recommendations and changes in the next few months on the platform.

Key point to not panic: The changes aren’t happening overnight! This will come over time and I will keep you updated as changes are implemented.

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1 | You need to change your content strategy

If you want to continue to use Instagram you need to change your content strategy to incorporate more video such as Stories, Reels, Lives/IGTV.
You may have to experiment with your posting schedule and content calendar. If you currently post 5x a week with photos only, you may have to try experimenting with 3 Reels a week, 1 IGTV and 1 photo post.
You can test this over the next few months as Instagram makes their changes. I will be changing up my strategy and will keep you posted as time goes on!

I can understand how frustrating it can be to create video, edit, film etc.


2 | You need to have killer graphics or photos for your stand alone photo posts

When you do post your regular “stand alone” photos, graphics or carousel posts, they will have to be entertaining and engaging.

There will still be users that like to look at photos and engage from captions, and you can still create content this way, but you will have to consider photography beyond just filters and integrate a mix of graphics and imagery.

My predictions

I think we will start to see a shift of users who don’t want to use video leave Instagram and move back to platforms that are more image-heavy such as Facebook business pages or Pinterest.

There is a slight possibility that Instagram may remove photo sharing and move to video content only on the platform – which could leave space in the market for a new app to step in and take over as the new photo sharing platform.

I understand how frustrating this change can be for the everyday business owner – and that’s why I’m here to help! None of us are natural-born content creators!

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