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Content batching is the number one way to save time preparing and creating your content. I love content batching for myself and teaching my clients how to do the same is such a game-changer for their business.

If you’re new to creating content or lacking some post inspiration then read on for 5 ways you can content batch your social media in advance.

5 ways to content batch in advance | Miller Digital

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Your Reels or TikTok videos

Grab your tripod and ring light, a few different outfits and record all your Reels and TikToks in one afternoon!

You can record your Reels or TikToks and save to your drafts on the platforms, or record your own using the video recorder on your phone and add music or audio later. Then all you have to do is post on the day-of or schedule it into your social media scheduler.


Photoshoots are the most popular way to batch content, and it doesn’t matter if you hire a professional brand photographer or get a friend to take a bunch of photos with you.

Plan a few outfits and locations and create a shot list so you know exactly what photos you can get for your content.

Upload and edit your photos into your social media scheduler (I love Later) and strategically plan your feed around your photos.

For example, if you post 5x a week and take a minimum of 20 photos, you can have your content planned out a month in advance with photos only.


Head to Giphy and search for memes and gifs based on trending content, tv shows or characters. I personally love to use these to relate to my audience when explaining a common struggle, pain point or theme.

You can download a bunch of gifs, pop them in Canva and schedule them out in advance.


Batching quotes in Canva is such an easy way to create content if you don’t have any visual or photo content to share. Think of common things you say over and over to your clients such as phrases or sayings and put them into quote form.

If you’re using quotes that inspire you or your audience, always credit the quote from the originator or tag your social media handle if it’s a direct quote from you (that way others can’t steal your content).

E-mails to your subscribers

E-mails are the number one way to communicate directly with your ideal audience, and one of the easiest pieces of content to batch. You can pre-write and schedule all your e-mails in advance when you use an e-mail provider such as Mailchimp or ConvertKit.

I personally write and schedule my e-mails about newest blog posts to my subscribers a month in advance.

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Now get batching!

What’s your favourite method to content batch in advance?