• TikTok Tips for Beginners

    TikTok Tips for Beginners | Miller Digital

    TikTok is not just for 16-year olds to show off dance crazes and viral videos – I PROMISE!  It is used by all ages and all type of content is produced on the app. Educational how-tos, inspiring transformation videos, travel, cleaning hacks, reno before and afters, pets and yes, even business are all things you […]


  • The top 3 mistakes that keep entrepreneurs stuck and overwhelmed with content creation and social media

    The top 3 mistakes that keep entrepreneurs stuck and overwhelmed with social media and content creation | Miller Digital

    Today I’m talking about a subject that often gets brushed under the rug – failure. Or in other words – the things you’re doing right now that are stunting your business growth. So, I’m sharing 3 big mistakes entrepreneurs make with social media and content creation for their business that’s keeping you stuck and overwhelmed […]


  • The Ultimate Social Media Glossary: a must-have for entrepreneurs

    ultimate social media glossary | Miller Digital

    This post covers over 75+ social media definitions and glossary terms for entrepreneurs. I am breaking it down from the basics to advanced so you’re covered on all angles. I’ve also included social media platform specific terms (like Instagram Reels) at the bottom for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok. Understanding how social media […]


  • The Guide to Instagram Guides

    The Guide to Instagram Guides | Miller Digital

    Instagram Guides are the newest feature to Instagram and another key way to showcase your content or products on your account. Guides are essentially mini blog-posts that you categorize for any topic, product or content type! Here’s what they look like within your Instagram account: Guides can be showcased in three ways: by place, by […]