I am OBSESSED with using Facebook groups! They have helped to grow my e-mail list, to connect with other entrepreneurs, for tech support for programs, and for support for online courses.

Facebook groups can be a gold mine for finding your ideal client but there is a methodical and classy way to get clients without being spammy. These four methods will help you to get clients in a few different ways: establish yourself as expert, have a conversation in a DM to promote your services and grow your e-mail list (which you nurture into clients).

Here are four ways to get clients from Facebook groups:

4 ways to get clients from Facebook groups | Miller Digital

First and foremost, when applying for Facebook groups make sure you answer all the questions the admins ask of you. Second, ensure that the groups are you applying for are relevant to growing your collaboration network, for tech support or has your ideal target audience in them. Third, read the Group Rules for each group you join!

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1 – Comment and share your knowledge on others posts

If someone asks for a recommendation, feedback or help on your topic of expertise, join in the comments and offer your advice and solutions.

Don’t get discouraged if there are already lots of comments on it, because each time you contribute to the conversation the poster will get a notification on their end and see your name come up. If someone has already suggested the same advice you would offer, agree with them and add in another piece of feedback to make your comment useful.

2 – Ask others for opinions and feedback

Create your own posts asking others for their advice or feedback. One tactic is to use this to post a survey link of yours, or break down key questions you want answered by your target audience.

Propose a pain point or struggle you know your audience is having, and when they answer in the comments, you can offer your solution to the problem (ie: your challenge, freebie, service etc.) and can ask to DM them privately to send them your resource.

Keeping a balance of posting your own posts and responding to other posts keeps you in the “good” books in admins eyes, and helps to keep your name top of mind for the group members.

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3 – Share your lead magnet and/or promote your services

Some Facebook groups have restrictions on self-promotion, make sure to read the Group Rules before promoting your business. Some groups also have designated promotion days such a win Wednesday, Freebie Friday, share your blog post Tuesday etc. where you can share your newest resources, free or paid. A lot of groups promote collaboration and you will have to put your comment in the post topic thread.

When you share your lead magnet, try posting it as a quick win to the group. What problem does it help them solve immediately?

Here are a couple of post examples I did that helped me grow my e-mail list:

FB group example | Miller Digital
Facebook groups | Miller Digital

Promoting your services or packages are best done with an introductory offer such as a free audit, discovery call, coaching session etc. that entice your ideal audience to connect with you first before showing them what your services are.

4 – Create your own Facebook group

Finally, one of the best results to get clients from Facebook groups is to create your own! Do you have a free challenge you could create a group for? Or a client-only group?

You could also create your own group that allows others to promote their services and collaboration, or you could have the group be solely posted by you only for your topic of advice. Make the name of the group something related to your services or offer, or the end result your audience wants to achieve.

When you create your group entry questions, don’t forget to ask them for their e-mail address to opt-in to your e-mail list and ask any questions that would help identify them as the perfect client for you!

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Courtney Miller