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Social media is another aspect of business that has become an everyday task to manage just like your accounting, operations or human resources. At some point you have to decide if you want to hire someone or do it yourself, no different than if you decided to hire an accountant for your books or an assistant for your business.

But a decision many entrepreneurs face is where to put the investment for their social media and content creation: outsource it to a Social Media Manager or invest in themselves and work with a Social Media Coach.

A Social Media Manager (SMM) will manage everything for your social media and content creation so you can be completely hands off. A Social Media Coach will teach you how to be your own SMM and all the skills and training necessary to manage your own content creation and post scheduling.

Let’s review both and see which is right for your business:

Social Media Manager vs Social Media Coach | Miller Digital

Social Media Manager

  • Curates your social media feed and plans upcoming posts
  • Engages and responds to DMs and comments
  • Creates your social media plan for your business
  • Optimizes your social media profiles and bios
  • Reviews your analytics on a monthly basis and determines what to change going forward
  • Creates your captions and copy
  • Ensures your feed fits your overall brand strategy
  • Can write your blog posts or produce your podcasts or videos
  • Researches hashtags for your posts
  • Create or outsource any graphics for your posts
  • Can allow you to approve posts in advance
  • Manages any PR crisis
  • Recommends specific strategies tailored to your business industry
  • A social media manager may also arrange a photographer or take photos themselves of you, your business or products.

Social Media Coach

  • Helps you to create a brand strategy
  • Recommends and teaches you how to optimize your social media profiles and bios
  • Shows you how to engage on social media and respond to comments and DMs
  • Teaches you how to find the best hashtags to use for your business
  • Helps you to create a content strategy for your blog, video, podcast and social media
  • Helps you create a social media plan and schedule to stick to so you don’t get overwhelmed by your content creation tasks
  • Shows you how to use a social media scheduler to plan your posts
  • Teaches you how to use programs to create your graphics and manage your engagement
  • Shows you the basic or advanced skills that a social media manager would use for your account
  • Helps you to write copy that converts and captions for your social media and blog, podcast or videos
  • Teaches you how to review your analytics and metrics to determine strategies for future posts
  • Recommends specific strategies tailored to your business industry

Feeling like you’re leaning towards the Coaching side? I got you, girl. Work directly with me for a 1:1 Social Media + Content Coaching.

Final comparison

No matter which one you choose, both will work for your business. If you enjoy social media and want to have complete control over your content, you are a best fit for a Social Media Coach. If you want to be hands off and completely trust it to someone else so you can focus on other tasks of your business, a Social Media Manager is right for you.

And, psstt, I’ve done both and have worked with entrepreneurs who prefer one over the other. Many find that they start off with a coach and manage it themselves for years and then hand off the social media duties to an assistant or Social Media Manager once they start to experience business growth.

So which do you think is right for your business? Let me know in the comments!