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Update Jan 2021: This original post had 25 Instagram Reels ideas, and with the growing popularity of Reels and TikTok videos, I added MORE Reels ideas for you below for a total of 50 Instagram Reels ideas!

Instagram Reels have been out since August 2020, and it’s been a game changer so far for content creators to get their name out in front of new accounts, get more followers and increase engagement. Instagram is favouring Reels in the algorithm and on the Explore page so far, so you if are wanting to jump into Reels, now is the time.

If you’ve been using TikTok already, Reels will feel very easy to hop on board and understand how to post and use them. If Reels are new to you, the one benefit that can ease your way into them is utilizing ideas you already use in your Instagram Stories or IGTV videos. Since Reels are 30 seconds max, you can come up with a quick idea to post and have more content to add to your feed.

I’ve been dabbling in TikTok already, so introducing Reels to my business has been such a fun and interactive way to engage with my Instagram audience!

“What do I post about?” is the most common question I see business owners asking about for Reels, so here are 50 Instagram Reels ideas for you to choose from:

50 IG Reels Ideas | Miller Digital

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Behind the scenes

1. Show your work space/desk area.

2. Introduce your employees/team in a short Q & A.

3. Show clips of a tutorial on how to make or implement something related to your industry/niche.

4. Take your viewers behind the scenes of a photo shoot, team or client meeting.

5. Take short clips throughout your day and call it a “day in the life of a ______”

6. Share any programs/resources you use that your audience could benefit from.

7. Introduce yourself, what you do and who you help and leave a call to action about how to get in touch with you.

8. Show how you complete a task that a client/follower would want to know about.

9. Share who your business inspiration is and why.

10. Tell people how you got to where you are today in your business journey, your interests, hobbies and other fun facts.

11. Record a voice over of you sharing or explaining a tutorial.

12. Share the best piece of business or life advice you received.

13. Create a “do an action” with me video such a get ready with me, decorate with me, work with me, clean with me relevant to your business and show the process of how to get there.

14. Create a song or funny lyric about your industry.

15. Do an Instagram vs. Reality video to show your audience you’re real!

16. Share “things I wish I’d known before” xyz.


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Explain your services and products

17. If you make handmade products, show a sped up video of the process

18. Give 3-5 reasons on how your service offering can help your audience.

19. Show a sneak peek of a new product being made.

20. Explain 3-5 mistakes your audience can make as it relates to your industry/niche. This can be broken down in multiple parts for multiple videos!

21. Share 3-5 tips for each of your content bucket topics.

22. Highlight a client win, review or testimonial.

23. Show a highlight of each of your products and their features.

24. Start a challenge that your audience can participate in.

25. List your top 3 favourite things that relate to your business process or topics your audience is interested in.

26. Create multiple Reels with FAQ’s from your audience.

27. Show a before and after of a project, client work, DIY etc. that relates to your biz.

28. Tell your audience something inspirational related to how you turned something around in your service offer/business/life and how they can too.

29. Explain an individual feature to each of your services or products and why it’s beneficial.

30. Explain who your ideal client is for working with you, how they can apply to work with you.

31. Share a hack related to your service or product that your audience may not know about.

32. Get a client to record a testimonial to post.

33. Tell your audience what they can expect from working with you (what’s the transformation or end result?)

34. Bust a myth of what your clients think they should be doing and what they should actually be doing.

35. Share a x-step process of how you achieved something your audience would be interested in knowing how to do themselves.

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Re-purpose existing content

36. If you have a YouTube channel, take clips of your videos and speed them up into 30 seconds sneak peeks or how-tos.

37. Break down each of your blog posts into sections or teasers about what it’s about.

38. Promote your podcast and share a clip of your audio.

39. Talk about your freebie/lead magnet in a Reel and why they should download it.

40. Share any of existing Instagram Stories and make them into Reels clips.

41. Post your existing TikTok videos to Reels as you go or vice versa.

42. Promote the other social media platforms you’re on and where your audience can find you.

43. Use your Pinterest video pins into Reels.

44. Share user-generated content from your followers that have tagged you in their posts, Reels and Stories and compile a video giving a shout-out of love and thanks to them.

Trends and audio

45. Re-use an existing audio from a user and apply it to your business in a funny or honest way.

46. Try a trending challenge that is either a dance, audio, funny joke or meme to promote your business.

47. Take transition shots of you inputting items behind the scenes to create a before and after or process.

48. Write your key points you want your audience to remember on a piece of paper as you record.

49. Write your key points on post its or a whiteboard instead of using text to explain your points.

50. Look at how other trending music and audio is being used for trends and create your own version.


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