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Are you hearing crickets after you post online? Are you constantly trying to find new ways to get your audience to respond on social media and engage with you either in comments, through DMs, or likes?

Or maybe you’re posting and running? (Don’t worry, I used to be guilty of that one too!)

If you’re tired of wondering WHY you’re not getting engagement on your posts, here are 6 ways to increase social media engagement that you can apply right now:

6 ways to increase social media engagement

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1 - Post valuable and relevant content for your audience

First of all, you need to know who your target audience is inside and out before you can expect for them to engage with you back. You can find out how to identify who your target audience is through this post.

If you’re just posting photos of what you ate that day, or a selfie in the mirror with no exciting or valuable captions, you’re not going to attract the audience that you’re after.

So what does valuable and relevant content mean? It means something that speaks to them directly that affects where they are at right now in their buying journey. Your content can be a how-to, a quick tip, a personal story, an earth-shattering fact, or a graphic.

For example, this blog post is providing value to my target audience because I’m giving them (you!) 6 tips that they can implement right now on social media.

2 - Use hashtags

If you’re hearing crickets and you’re not using hashtags, this will dramatically shift your engagement. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or TikTok, you can and SHOULD be using the maximum amount of hashtags on all these platforms.

More hashtags = more reach.

More reach = more relevant target audience.

More relevant target audience = more engagement.

More engagement = more DM’s = MORE SALES! And isn’t that what it’s really about?

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3 - Engage with other people first

Dive into hashtags relevant to your industry and the type of content you’re posting. Look at others posts, like and comment honest and authentic words. 80% of the time they are going to comment back or check out your profile.

Also search for hashtags or Facebook groups based on keywords from your target audience profile. See what your target audience is doing online and like, follow, comment and engage with their posts.

Follow others in your industry or niche and build a supportive network with those individuals. Entrepreneurs love to support other entrepreneurs!

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4 - Dedicate a time each week for engagement

Set aside a set number of minutes per day or multiple times a week to focus just on your social media engagement. This can be responding to any DMs, liking and commenting, engaging in Facebook groups, following and commenting on others blog posts or videos.

Pick the platforms you’re posting on and get social! When you’re consistent with your engagement, people will see you showing up online and commenting on others posts. This shows that you care and are building a community.

5 - Include a call-to-action (CTA)

Call-to-actions are a fantastic way to increase engagement. This includes asking them to comment, download a link, go to your bio, send you a DM, drop an emoji, visit a blog post etc.

Ask your audience a thoughtful question, ask their opinion, tell them to share something related to your post, ask them about their fears, wins, successes. If you’re targeting the right audience and provide valuable content that we talked about above, people will be commenting on your posts and sending you DMs.

You need to be crystal clear and tell your audience what you want them to do in your CTA. People aren’t just going to comment, click, or download for fun unless something really intrigues them or solves a problem.

6 - Use video

Videos are known to have better engagement than regular posts, so make sure you’re mixing up your feed with short clips, Lives and using features such as Reels or Stories on Instagram or TikTok.

Your audience likes to see your face and it helps you build that trust and credibility factor! Don’t forget to use hashtags in your videos, too.

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Become the engagement master

If you use these 6 tips you’ll be well on your way to becoming a social media engagement master! Don’t forget you can follow me on Insta here and ask me any questions related to social media engagement!