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Hashtags are a personal identifier that you use on a post to gain more visibility to a wider audience.They get your content to a larger audience through relevant keywords and phrases specific to your industry and posts. This is why you should use hashtags in every single post on Instagram!

Instagram allows a max of 30 hashtags between your captions and comments, so make sure you are using ALL 30.

Oh, and bigger reach does not mean better results – if you always use hashtags with over 1 million uses, your posts are likely to get lost.

I have created an Instagram Hashtag Library method that has helped to GROW my clients and my personal engagement and followers on Instagram – and you can snag it for yourself FREE right here.

What is a hashtag library?

A hashtag library is a curated list of researched hashtags that are specific for your niche, industry, posts and blog.

Having an organized hashtag library allows you to always pick the most relevant and useful hashtags for your posts.

It’s a custom “secret sauce” that works just for your business or blog!

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What type of hashtags should I use?

Here’s the method that works on Instagram to get your biz noticed:

You can search for relevant hashtag terms using the search bar in Insta, and refer back to your library to pick hashtags whenever you post.

When building out your hashtag library, think about the different content buckets you will be posting about and categorize them into different subjects when you do your research on IG.

It also helps to write down the current number of uses that a hashtag has so you can update your library over time!

Get your Insta Hashtag Library here. In my free download I also give an example for a blogger so you know exactly how to apply it for your online business.

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