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If you have an online business, Instagram can be a HUGE asset to your social media strategy. Think of your Instagram bio as the new business card! It has all your contact information, photos and has to leave a lasting impression on a viewer.

If you want to optimize your Insta bio for your business read below for 6 steps to a killer Instagram bio that converts.

1 - Change to a business account

Once you have a business account on Instagram, you’ll have access to extra features and ALL your analytics on your posts and followers. You can change from a personal to business account through Settings -> Account and scroll to the bottom to “Switch to Business Account”.

2 - Choose your @Instahandle

Keep your username simple and easy to remember – people need to recognize it’s you easily. So if you have a blog, make your website name your username, or your personal name if it’s easy to remember. If you have an online shop like Etsy, make it the shop name.

3 - Profile pic

Make your profile picture a picture of you if it’s a personal brand, or your logo if your business is larger scale. Keep in mind that people like to see the person behind the brand so I highly recommend using a photo of you if you’re a blogger, online shop owner, online creator or service-based entrepreneur.

Your profile picture should be the same photo across all your social media platforms so your audience can identify you easily!

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4 - Fill out your bio

Explain who you are, what you do and who you help as quick as you can in your description. I know, I know, it’s hard in 150 characters – but make sure the point gets across and you use a good mix of emoji’s and text!

Include a call to action if you can that points to the website URL you complete in your bio. This could be a sign up to a challenge you host, a direct link to a freebie to opt-in to your e-mail list, or your website home page.

5 - Include contact information

Make it super easy for your followers to contact you – include an e-mail, phone number, website, your location and anything else to connect with you. Instagram has some cool integrations with other apps to create appointments through your bio, too.

If you want to learn how to make Instagram work with your social media strategy send me a message and let’s chat!

6 - Create Highlights

Highlights in your profile allow your audience to connect with you through previous IG Stories you’ve posted and get connected with your brand. It’s a smart extension of your profile! They don’t need to be fancy, and you can create some great basic Highlight photo covers in Canva for free!

Make each Highlight category relatable to your business – so it could be your blogging subjects if you’re a blogger, different service offerings, links to online products, customer reviews and more.

Once you start adding to your IG Stories, add them to your Highlights as much as possible.

Here’s what my bio looks like when you apply all 6 steps!

Instagram bio Miller Digital

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