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Having your website URL as the standard mywebsite.com doesn’t entice a viewer or follower to want to click on it to see what you do and how you can help. They will bounce right off your profile!

You need to TELL them what to do!

By providing a call to action (CTA) that directly links to where you want them to go, it clearly tells them how to interact and visit that page.

Remember that as a service-based owner you want your profile’s CTA’s to be a driver in getting e-mail subscribers when they click the link to join or sign up, so make sure the values you are providing them is worth it for them to give you their e-mail.

Here are 9 call to actions for your social media profiles:

9 Call to Actions for Your Social Media Profiles | Miller Digital

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1 | Your freebie opt-in

Make the lead magnet/freebie enticing for them to click.

“Grab your FREE (lead magnet title) here!”

2 | Your wait list for working with you

Drive the urgency of them to book with you now.

“Only 5 spots left for October!”

“Accepting website design clients for November”

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3 | Your shop page

Link it directly to your shop page on your site or newest products. This can also be integrated with Facebook or Instagram shops.

“Shop our new FALL 2020 collection here”

4 | Sign up for a webinar/workshop

Include how many spots are available to make it urgent.

“Sign up for the xyz workshop – only 100 spots available!”

5 | Book a free sales call

Promote your sales funnel with a free initial consultation or call.

“Book your FREE 1:1 (call name)!”

6 | Your newest blog post link

Are you a blogger and don’t have services? No worries! You can include your link to your newest blog post URL.

This also works for anyone that wants to drive traffic to their blog.

“Read my newest recipe on chocolate chip cookies”

7 | Your e-mail challenge

Encourage them to join your upcoming challenge or your evergreen challenge.

“Join the Create Your Social Media Plan Challenge starting Sept 1 here!”

8 | Your landing page

If you use a link in bio, Linktree or personal landing page feature you can include any of the above in your links.

Check out mine for an example!

9 | Your Services Page

If you have a new business or a website and don’t have any opt-ins yet, a direct link to your services/packages/work with me pages will be fine in the meantime!

“Now accepting clients for my xyz program!”

Do you use any of these in your profiles? I’d love to hear them below!