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If you’re looking to make extra income, have a passive revenue stream or start a new business all online, digital products can help! You can sell these on a variety of platforms such as your own website, Etsy, Upwork and Creative Market.

Digital products are becoming more popular because people are looking for an instant easy solution to help them with their business, home, hobbies, projects and more!

Here are 25 digital product ideas for online entrepreneurs:

25 digital product ideas for online entrepreneurs | Miller Digital

1 - Online courses

Maybe you have a specific skill set or knowledge on a particular topic. You don’t need to be a college professor or teacher to share your knowledge with others!

Play an instrument? Teach people that. Design websites? Teach people how to make their own. Creative photographer? Teach people how to take photos for their blog. ANY skill out there is teachable and people will pay for it!

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2 - DIY workbooks or templates

Are you really good at graphic design with Adobe or other programs? Make templates that people can fill out themselves through PDF’s or print-outs. It could be a workbook on a business plan, or a social media template they can customize. How about a name tag or poster template?

3 - E-books

If you write novels, this is an easy way to get yourself self-published and get your work out there to the world. If you want to create a manual or guidebook on a certain topic, like Painting for Beginners, e-books are the way to go!

4 - Cookbook or recipes

If you’re a food blogger, this is an awesome way to share your favourite or new recipes for your readers! You could make this into an e-book and choose a food theme for the recipes!

5 - How to and tutorial videos

Similar to online courses, but this is all strictly through videos of you teaching them how-to or tutorial videos.

6 - Digital art prints

If you’re creative with graphic design or typography, creating beautiful art prints for people to download and print at home are an easy way to make some cash. You can sell the same print over and over or make custom prints for each customer.

7 - Fonts

People love to use new and creative fonts for their blog and other prints. Sell your font designs!

8 - Stock photos

If you’re a natural photographer, you can sell your photos as a stock photo membership or as bundles for each industry. Flat lays, landscape, office and home decor are all extremely popular.

9 - Presentation templates

Create a professional or fun design for PowerPoint or other slideshow platforms. Try using a mix of colours and graphis to stand out from the crowd and make sure it’s customizable to the user!

10 - Brand and graphic design templates

Brand design boards, mood boards, brand colour packs, graphic design icons are all extremely popular!

11 - Audio sounds and effects

Create different sound effects for YouTubers, transitions and background music. Make sure to check on the licensing and copyright rules in your area.

12 - Adobe Lightroom presets

If you’re a whiz at photo editing, Lightroom presets are all the rage for new bloggers, online creatives and anyone using Instagram. Try selling them in different packages for different looks and feels to appeal to your target audience.

13 - Printable cards

Birthday cards, greeting cards, graduation cards, thank you cards, anniversary cards, you name it! Make them a digital print that can printed and folded into a card design.

14 - Desktop wallpapers

People still love to have a fun or inspiration background on their desktop! Create different wallpaper designs for their computer, tablet or phones.

15 - Digital planners and calendars

Good ol’ monthly calendars and weekly schedulers still sell! Or take it up a notch with content calendars, chore charts, grocery lists, project planning or other digital calendars.

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16 - Canva templates

Canva is super appealing to bloggers and business owners do to its ease of use and free subscription. You can actually sell templates that they can download into Canva and use for their business!

Some ideas to get your started are lead magnet templates, workbooks, social media posts, flyer designs, checklists, Pinterest pins and Instagram stories.

17 - Apps

If you’re a technical wiz, create an app for your target audience to download that is relevant to their needs. Productivity app? New game? Graphic design on the go?

18 - Magazines

Believe it or not, people still love to flip through a magazine. If you excel in a certain industry, try your hand at creating an online magazine!

19 - Document templates

Business plans, social media plans, project plans, academic paper templates and cover letters are some ideas to get you started!

20 - Logo designs

Create a standard pre-made logo design, offer a custom design or other options for other business owners!

21 - Business cards

Custom or template business cards are always in demand for business owners!

22 - Printable labels for organizing

Home organization and office labels are in high demand – sell your label designs online for them to print at home.

23 - Website themes

If you’re a web designer, sell pre-made template themes to certain niches with installation instructions for WordPress, Squarespace and others.

24 - Printable invitations

Wedding invitations, birthday parties, bridal showers, bbq’s and more can be designed as digital or printable invitations. Have a look on Etsy for some design inspiration!

25 - Resume templates

Create a design for each indsutry that helps a candidate stand out from the rest! Trades, marketers, students, lawyers and office professionals would all make for a great template.

If you’re brand new to starting a business, read my post on the 3 things you must have before starting an online business.

In summary

Once you’ve got your digital product created, make sure to look into any trademark, copywrite and legal aspects to protect it. Ensure you have a return and refund policy in place and a payment platform such as PayPal, Stripe or others set up.