15 opt-in ideas to grow your e-mail list

If you’re an online business owner and want to grow your e-mail list, an opt-in on your site is a fantastic way to do this – where you provide free content to your audience in exchange for their e-mail address.

Your amazing free content will then help them gain trust with you and your expertise, which in turn leads to sales.

If you’re struggling with what to create, here are 15 opt-in ideas to grow your e-mail list:

  1. Sign up form for a webinar you’re hosting
  2. Opt in for a freebie workbook/guide/checklist you’ve made
  3. Sign up to get access to your latest podcast
  4. Opt in for a free workshop
  5. Sign up for an e-mail challenge
  6. Sign up for a sneak peek of an e-book you’ve published
  7. Opt-in to a list of resources you use in your business
  8. Sign up for a free course you’ve taught
  9. Opt-in for a free digital product of yours
  10. Sign up for a contest to win one of your products/services
  11. Opt-in for a quiz you’ve created and the results get e-mailed to them
  12. Opt-in for a Facebook group challenge
  13. Sign up for access to a video where you teach them something
  14. Opt-in for free templates you’ve created
  15. Opt-in for access to your free resource library

Are the wheels turning in your head yet? Do what makes you comfortable and where you know your expertise is – don’t host a webinar if you hate being in front of a live camera! A checklist or workbook is probably better for you to offer as your opt-in.

Get creating and remember to make amazing content your audience will love!

Courtney Miller