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50 email subject lines that convert subscribers

As an online business owner, you know that your e-mail list is your most important asset. You have subscribers who have joined from your website through an opt-in or freebie, and you’re sending them valuable e-mails on a regular basis, but they just aren’t converting and being opened. What the heck?!

Take a hard look at your e-mail subject lines first and think about your reaction when you receive an e-mail from *yet another* website. You want your e-mail subject lines to be enticing, valuable and actionable for them so your reader thinks “OMG I need to find out more!” and clicks on the e-mail to read on.

Here are 50 e-mail subject lines that convert subscribers:

If you want the full list for future reference, you can grab it right here.

  1. The ultimate (subject) cheat sheet to get (result)
  2. How to get (result) in (time) days
  3. The top (number) mistakes I made when (doing an action/trying a method/joining a program)
  4. Get rid of your (fear) of (subject) for good!
  5. Is it better to do (specific thing) or (specific thing)?
  6. (Number) ways you can do (item)
  7. Have you ever made this mistake, (name)?
  8. (Number) quick tips to solve (problem)
  9. (Number) reasons you should do (specific thing)!
  10. How to increase your (item) by (number)% in (number) days
  11. The beginners guide to (subject) in (time frame)
  12. How to be a (specific type of person)
  13. I failed at (subject) too, (name)
  14. How I went from (problem) to (result/success) in (time frame)
  15. Can I ask you a favour, (name)?
  16. Do you want to know how to (specific thing)?
  17. (Number) mistakes new (type of person/subject) make
  18. If I started my business from scratch again, I’d do this-
  19. (Number) reasons why you should join (your service/product)
  20. 3 (subject type) you can implement today
  21. What are you afraid of, (name)?
  22. (Number) way to make (dollar value) in (time frame)
  23. (Topic) I want to share with you
  24. (Action) you can do in a (weekend/day/week)
  25. Do you struggle with (specific thing) too?
  26. How I made (number) using this one thing
  27. Why I stopped doing (specific thing)
  28. It’s really hard for me to share this…
  29. What I wish I knew when I (specific thing)
  30. (Number) ways to grow your (topic) in (time frame)
  31. (Number) surprising secrets of a (type of person/specific thing)
  32. You don’t need to (belief your audience has) in order to (specific thing)
  33. How (action) can hurt your (specific thing)
  34. This is what happens when (mistake)
  35. Get my (product/freebie) for FREE
  36. (Number) hacks I use to get (specific result)
  37. The best money I ever spent on (topic)
  38. Today is your last day to get (your product/service)
  39. Are you ready to (specific result/benefit)?
  40. (Number) amazing ways to do (specific item)
  41. The Do’s and Dont’s of (specific topic)
  42. Why I created (your product/service) for you, (name)
  43. The secret to being a successful (type of person)
  44. Why you should do (specific action) now
  45. You can do this (specific thing) today
  46. Reserve your spot for (webinar/workshop)
  47. Don’t make this mistake, (name)
  48. Here’s a quick tip I want to share on (topic)
  49. This makes me so (emotion) for you
  50. Last – an e-mail to promote your new blog/video/podcast/product/service/freebie/webinar/download

If you have an e-mail service provider that allows you to do A/B testing, try out different subject lines for the same e-mail to see which converts better! Don’t be afraid to play with emojis and insert your personality into the subject lines, either. Also, don’t forget to deliver in your e-mail what your promise is in the subject line, because otherwise your audience won’t trust you and will think you’re spammy.

Let me know if you use any of the 50 subject lines, and how they worked for your audience!