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A social media plan identifies and plans out your strategy for your social media content. This can also include your content plan, online ads and scheduling strategy.

A social media strategy also works cohesively with all other aspects of your digital marketing plan (your website, branding, e-mail, online ads, etc.). You can’t grow your business by posting on social media without a plan and goals in place!

Even as a solopreneur you need to have a social media plan to grow your service business!

Read on to find out 5 reasons why you need a social media plan.

5 reasons why you need a social media plan | Miller Digital

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1 | To reach your business goals

Want your biz to run on autopilot? Want to spend more time with your family? Want to hit a specific sales goal? All of this is possible when you create tangible business and marketing goals to support them.⁠

Using SMART goals will help you to stay on track with your results – and don’t forget that in order to reach your big business goals you need to create smaller, actionable goals to get there.⁠

2 | To attract ideal clients

When you have a rock solid target audience profile and know the exact pain points and struggles your audience is having, you can craft all your messaging and content directly to them to get your dream clients!⁠

Creating a target audience profile that includes their demographic, attitudes, wants, behaviours and interests is the first deep dive into knowing who your dream client is.

3 | To ensure content consistency

Keeping your messaging the same to your audience across all your content is establishing yourself as a brand and expert. You don’t want to leave your audience confused as to what you do!⁠

How many times have you come across someone’s profile and they sell multiple offers, digital products and physical products and you’re left wondering what the heck they do? Honing in on one niche and posting the same consistent message clearly identifies to your audience what you do and how you can help them.

4 | To keep yourself organized

We all know posting on the fly just doesn’t cut it anymore. Having an organized post schedule, content plan and the time to create it is what’s going to get you results. And the fastest way to get there is using a content calendar, content batching and social media scheduler.⁠

A content calendar helps you to plan all your social media and online content in advance. Content batching enables you to create your best creative content at once to maximize your productivity. And a social media scheduler allows you to schedule all your posts in advance to optimize your best posting times. Check out Later – it’s my favourite!

5 | To learn from your wins and fails

When you look at the data your previous posts and content have performed, you can analyze and determine what type of content you can revisit in the future and what content your audience loves and demands to hear more from you. You can also figure out what content has not been working so you don’t waste your time on it in future messaging.⁠

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Your social media plan

Creating a social media plan is a crucial part of any marketing strategy, and let’s face it, there’s is SO much information out there it can make your head spin.⁠

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