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A social media scheduler is ultimately designed to manual or auto-post your social media posts on different platforms. But many of them have the capability to organize, curate, write, research times, collect analytics and use hashtags for all your posts.

It’s such a time saver to have all your content ideas in one scheduler ready to go at any time!

Later is one of my favourite social media schedulers for posting to social media. It is a third party authorized by Instagram, so you are always getting the latest news and features from them.

I’ve tried so many schedulers to see what I like best, both as a social media manager, social media coach and for my clients, and I keep coming back to Later for a few reasons.

If you’re considering using a scheduler for your business, here’s why Later might be right for you.

Why I Love Later for Social Media Scheduling | Miller Digital

Don’t have a strategy for your business? Learn how to create a social media marketing plan.


Visually plan out your posts by month, week and schedule out as far out in advance as you want. Plus once you have been posting regularly, Later will recommend best times to post for your audience.

Scheduling Later | Miller Digital


Choose the option to manually post or auto-post your posts with a first comment such as your hashtags.

Auto-posting is great when you want to set it and forget it during a busy week or on vacation. Just don’t forget to engage daily!

Auto posting Later | Miller Digital

Hashtag Bundles

Use the hashtag suggestions for your posts or create your own bundle of curated hashtags for individual content topics for your posts.⁠

You can add your own in or search for ones directly from Instagram.

Hashtag Bundles Later | Miller Digitala


Scheduling Later | Miller Digital

By far the leading reason why my clients love it – the easy to use interface, tabs layout and drag and drop features. Plus Later has training for non-tech users and support.

Mobile accessible

Later’s easy to use app allows you to post manually, add photos or videos directly from your camera roll or add captions on the go.

Value for price

Pricing Later | Miller Digital

Monthly plans are reasonable for the value of features, posts and profiles you can control per account. For the small biz owner, it’s an easy amount to invest!⁠


Note this is USD pricing.

Want tips on how to batch your content like this? Check out this blog post.

Curating your feed

Get a preview of what your grid will look like in the IG feed and move the posts around to a pattern you prefer with the phone layout.⁠

Preview Later | Miller Digital

Organizing photos

⁠Label photos, videos, categorize and view the photos you haven’t used or that are scheduled within the Media Library.

You can also upload photos and videos from Google Drive or Dropbox.⁠⁠

Later will track those that are already scheduled so you don’t double up.

Organize photos Later | Miller Digital

Scheduling Stories

Plan out your IG Stories to stay on schedule with the Stories planner. I’ve also heard that similar feature with scheduling IG Reels and TikToks are coming to Later soon.

Instagram Stories Later | Miller Digital

Tracking analytics

Review your demographics, best posts, engagement, metrics, conversions, Story performance and hashtag performance.⁠ There is a TON of information from Later on your analytics that you can deep dive into for your future planning and goals.

Analytics Later | Miller Digital

Responding to comments

⁠Keep track of your comments and stay on top of engagement with the Conversations feature directly in the platform.⁠

Respond comments Later | Miller Digital

Manage multiple socials

⁠Add your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram profiles for your account and add more user profiles to manage multiple accounts.⁠

Later | Miller Digital

That’s my wrap up on Later! Later is perfect for solopreneurs or any business owner wanting to manage and post their content. Start your free account here.

Inside my Social Superstar coaching I do a Later tutorial with you and teach you how to use Later to schedule your social media posts and save you time! Find out more about Social Superstar here.