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You know that you need to be on social media in order to run an online business. You may be an online shop owner, blogger, service-based owner or online creator and you’re already out there hustling every day to post on social media and promote your business.

But, nothing seems to work. You’re not getting the engagement that you want from your audience, or you’re posting on the fly just for the sake of posting something because you’re so busy actually running your business.

Well guess what? You’re not alone and if you want your online business to succeed, you need a social media plan to keep yourself accountable and follow the vision you created for your business.

A great social media strategy works cohesively with all other aspects of your digital marketing plan (your website, branding, e-mail, online ads, etc.). You can’t grow your business by posting on social media without a plan and goals in place!

This is the exact 5-step framework I use when creating a social media marketing plan for my clients!

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1 - Determine your goals

What are your goals for being on social media? Educating? Sales growth? Creating content for fun? If you’re not working towards goals in your business, you’re not going to get the growth that you want to achieve. Goals are actionable and keep you accountable!

Create 3 social media goals for the next month, quarter and year. Ensure that your social media goals help support your overall business goals (if you haven’t created those yet, make sure to do them first!)

2 - Audit your current strategies

Are people engaging on your current social media platforms? Is your profile properly filled out? Do you have a content schedule? How often are you posting, and how is that working? What are your conversation rates? Do your hashtags work effectively?

Do a full scope review of each social media account and tweak as necessary. Scrutinize every post and profile as if you’re visiting it for the right time. Does it represent your brand the way you want it to?

3 - Pick a social media platform

Where is your audience hanging out? Do they love Instagram? Are they obsessed with TikTok? Where are there opportunities for growth?

Don’t worry about being on every single platform – focus on the ones where your audience is the most engaged and the one YOU find the most fun! 2-3 is all you need, but ensure one of them is your “main” platform that you engage in and master.

4 - Create a content calendar

Set a schedule – how often are you going to post? Are you going to use a scheduling platform (hint – yes!)? What type of content are you going to share with your audience?

Create 2-3 content buckets or topics that relate to your product or service. Then divide each category and write down a list of ideas for each. Your social media posts should either inform, convert, educate, share, inspire or connect with your audience.

Your photos, videos, graphics and other content for social media should be created and planned in advance of the posts so all you need to do is slot them in or have them auto-post with your scheduling platform.

Pick a schedule that works for your business and helps keep you top of mind for your audience – remember quality is better than quantity!

5 - Review your analytics and goals

Review your analytics once a month and look at what didn’t do well, what hashtags are working, what posts are doing well, and who your audience demographics are. If you have an Instagram Business profile you can see this easily for free in your Insights but you can only see the past week. Same goes for Facebook business pages – but you have a larger time period to review.

If you’re using a content scheduler like I mentioned above they should provide you with analytics on your posts. They can get rreeaalllyy in depth with your posts!

Look at what posts have got the most engagement, and see if you can re-create that for your following content.

Stick to the plan, Stan!

A social media plan won’t work if you don’t stick to it and stay consistent! Keep referring back to your social media goals you set out in the beginning. You may need to adjust them as needed (hello, COVID-19!) and shift your social media plan.

Still feeling lost? I got you, girl. Work directly with me for a 1:1 social media marketing plan.