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Batching content is the idea that you produce your content all at once for the next week, month or quarter. The benefits of batch creating content is to save yourself time throughout the rest of the month to focus on promoting that content and working on other business tasks.

Batching content also allows you to be in a “creative flow” state and create quality content all at once instead of trying to whip up a new blog post each week when you’re already feeling burnt out.

I LOVE batching content for my business, so I thought I would share these 4 tips to batch content:

4 tips to batch content | Miller Digital

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1 | Pick a set time each month to create

Let’s say you choose the first Monday of every month to create. Mark that time in your calendar and always be consistent with it. Remember that by batching content you’re saving yourself time by producing content once for the remainder of your week/month!

If you have a podcast, for example, you could decide that Tuesday and Wednesdays are the days you interview your podcast guests.

If you feel that creating content all at once for the next month is overwhelming, then just start by doing it weekly. Eventually you will get into the rhythm and routine of it and can work yourself up to doing it once a month.

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2 | Create in a space with no distractions

What’s your happy place? Sitting on a beach? Cozied up on your couch with a cup of tea?

Turn on your favourite playlist or close the door in a quiet room. If you like distractions, then maybe a coffee shop or co-working space is best for you. Go where you feel inspired – your creativity will thrive the most.

Turn off the phone. Tell your family or roommates that it’s your uninterrupted time.

I’ve also seen content creators do retreats with themselves each month, like travelling to a cabin in the woods where they go to write their blog posts or staying at a spa where they produce their videos. Do what feels natural for you!

P.S. My most creative space to batch content is in my bed with my fuzzy housecoat. So you do you!

3 | Use your content calendar - but be flexible

Before you write or record your content, you should already have your content calendar planned out for what you’re posting in the next week or month. You might already have a theme you’re following or including upcoming holidays. If there is a certain topic that is changing within your industry or making more noise than you had anticipated in your calendar, then it’s okay to shift your calendar topics to address that topic.

When Instagram Reels came out, I shifted my content for that week to learn how to use it and created a new blog post on it because it was all anyone was talking about on Instagram. So be adaptable to change!

Start with the one topic that you’re most excited about – it will help to set the pace for the rest of your content batching session.

If you find yourself distracted or inspired by another topic idea that isn’t on the calendar for this month, that’s okay! Just go with it anyways and then you can save it for a future post!

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4 | Have your topic ideas ready to go

If you use content buckets and have them organized by topics for each bucket, you should be able to easily pull from each of them for your content. I find for myself that I stick to one topic and do all my blog post or social media post writing for that first, and then move onto my next content bucket it helps me stay in the flow and my brain isn’t jumping around.

For example, I’ll write all my social media posts and blog posts on social media first, and then work on my content marketing social media posts and blog posts.

Final thoughts

Content burnout is a real thing. No one’s perfect and I realize that if you feel like crap on the day you’re supposed to be batching content, don’t beat yourself up over it. Try again the next day. The point of batching content is to create quality content while you’re in that creative flow and to save time for yourself to do other tasks in your business.

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