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Content marketing is anything that you produce and published online. This can be through social media, blogging, videos, podcasts, e-books and more. Content marketing is one of the many digital marketing aspects that help to promote your business and get your name out there!

I often see entrepreneurs struggle with content marketing and content creation and make mistakes because they’re so overwhelmed, stressed and confused about what they should be posting, how often to post and what actually moves the dial for their business.

Read on to see if you’re making any of these content marketing mistakes – and what to do instead:

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1 - Constantly putting out new content

You do not need to write a new blog post every day. You do not need to post on social media every day. If you’re posting often, you’re going to get burnt out fast and the quality of your content will most likely suffer.

Yes, many gurus out there will tell you that you need to post every day in order to increase your rankings in SEO (especially if you’re new online) but the reality is no one can keep up with producing NEW fantastic content like that AND run a business at the same time.

Quality content is what your audience needs most. If you want to post every day because you want to, that’s okay! Just remember you can take one blog post and re-purpose it into SO many posts without having to re-create the content wheel each time.

2 - Focusing on number of followers

THE NUMBER OF FOLLOWERS ON SOCIAL MEDIA DOES NOT MATTER! I can’t preach this enough.This is a mistake I see entrepreneurs make all the time. They think they need more followers to be credited as an authority, when in fact you can already utilize the size of audience you have.

If you have a huge following, not all of them are going to see your content online or even be in your target audience. Nurture your current and most dedicated audience through other mediums – like e-mail marketing which I talk about below.

Talk to your current followers through DM’s and get to build a relationship with them.

3 - Not utilizing e-mail marketing

Entrepreneurs can get so focused on producing content for their blog, podcast, video or social media posts that they can easily forget about their most important content – their e-mail subscribers.

If you post on social media every day, chances are only a limited amount of your dedicated e-mail subscribers see it. When you send your newest piece of content directly to your subscribers, they see it directly in their inbox. You can send them your newest content, your new product offerings and build a relationship right through their inbox.

Your biggest fans will want to hear from you regularly, so make sure to stick to a consistent e-mail schedule.

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4 - Posting content that doesn't relate to your audience

If you say you specialize in an industry or topic, your audience is going to be confused if you post about something totally irrelevant and different.

That’s why I always recommend content buckets (or content pillars) for every entrepreneur. Content buckets help you focus in on topics that directly related to your business and what your audience wants to hear!

Content buckets are 2-3 topics that you can easily rotate through for each type of content you produce. If you’re a health coach, for example, your content buckets could be nutrition, recipes and fitness workouts and you always talk about ideas related to those 3 buckets.

Once you build your authority in those 3 areas, people will see you as the go-to in your industry!

5 - Not having a content strategy

A content strategy works together with your social media and business goals. It helps to support what you ultimately want to achieve in your business – sales! When you have a strategic content marketing plan, you’re setting yourself set up for success by not being overwhelmed, stressed and burnt out on the content creation wheel.

Content strategies also include content calendars! If you don’t have a content calendar built out for your content, you can download my free one here.

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Content marketing can be easy...

With the right tools and systems in place, content marketing can be easy and you can have a plan that works for your business to help grow your authority online. If you want to learn how, I would love to coach and train you through it! Work with me here.