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If you have been experiencing content burnout more than ever before, you are NOT alone! Even the best content creators experience it.

Content burnout happens because you are failing to organize and stick to a plan, therefore you are constantly switching from task to task and often posting on the fly. You may also feel like you’re constantly playing catchup with your work and are uninspired.

Content burnout also happens where there’s a change in our environment, with factors such as the weather, the state of the world, being busy in your everyday life, business growth and personal growth.

I have personally found in the winter months (particularly during COVID now) I suffer from burnout a lot faster and feel uninspired. I can’t go to the places I want to to get inspired and can’t create in a space that makes me feel productive.

That’s why I created this list of tips to help you overcome your content burnout and feel inspired to create content again!

tips to overcome content burnout | Miller Digital

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Tip #1- Take a break

Identifying within yourself that you are burnt out is the first step in overcoming it! Take a step back, take a deep breath, and don’t post for a week or longer until you start to feel better. We all need a break time to time, especially as entrepreneurs, because we are wearing so many hats in a day and rarely take the time off for ourselves. (No, just me? 😉 )

Taking a break instead of trying to keep up and keep posting allows yourself to get recharged and create even better content in the future.

Tip #2- Create a content calendar

Set a clear posting schedule and content calendar for yourself to follow. Using a planner or social media scheduler can help keep you on track.

Content calendars are so important is keeping you on track with your content and avoid content burnout from happening again. It also establishes consistency of posting within your business.

It’s also okay to cut down on the amount of posts you were doing before you experience your content burnout. If you were posting on social five times a week and doing a blog post every week, try posting three times on social instead and a blog post every other week. Get yourself back into the routine before adding more content!

Tip #3- Visit or create in places where you feel inspired

99% of my clients (and myself) feel the most inspiration when they’re not sitting at their desk plugging away at a computer.

Ask yourself: where do I feel the most productive and inspired?

It could be talking a walk, journaling, reading a book or exercising to get your content ideas flowing and you should try to take advantage of creating in those spaces as well. Go to a coworking space with your laptop, write a post out on your phone at the beach, record a video in a creative studio.

When you get in the zone and feel inspired, write down that idea!

Tip #4- Try content batching

The most effective tip for staying on top of and avoiding content burnout in the first place is to content batch. Content batching is organizing and creating your content at one time and in one go instead of posting on the fly or creating it every day.

It’s designed to save you time and productivity in your business so you’re not switching your brain from task to task!

Put a designated time slot in your calendar to batch and STICK to it. You could batch out your content for the next week or month, depending on your style and how much content you’re putting out.

Pick a time to create when you are at your most “peak” productivity time. The means create content at night if you’re a night owl or first thing in the morning if you’re an early riser.

Check out my blog post on 4 tips to batch content.

Getting back to your content groove

Using these tips will help you overcome content burnout in your business, especially if you consistently content batch! When you stick to an organized schedule and plan, you will stay on top of your content and continue to serve your audience.

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