If you’ve been on TikTok for awhile, you may have noticed the newest feature of TikTok Stories from your favourite creators.

You’ll probably notice right away that they are VERY similar to Instagram Stories. So what are TikTok Stories useful for and why should you be using them instead of just posting a regular TikTok video?  Let’s dive in:

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How to post TikTok Stories

To access the Stories feature, go to the New post button (+) as you normally would post and then click on the Story option.

Once selected you can add in effects and sounds like a regular TikTok.

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Once you’ve recorded, add in captions, music, stickers etc. like a regular TikTok. Hit the “Story” button to post. Clicking “Next” will take you to post it as a regular TikTok video instead.

Once posted, you will see it on your profile labelled as Story or the blue circle around your profile picture (similar to Instagram).

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Accessing past Stories

To see previous TikTok Stories you’ve posted, go to your profile and click on the private menu button (the lock). 

From there you can see your archived  Stories and private videos.

Viewing others Stories

TikTok Stories posted by creators will be pushed to the algorithm the same as a regular TikTok video, or you can directly search for your creator account in the search function and go to their profile.

You can also see who has posted Stories in your Inbox with the profile pictures circled in blue at the top.

tiktok stories inbox

Using TikTok Stories to engage your audience

Stories are best used for quick behind the scenes content or sharing clips throughout your day or thoughts as a business owner that may not be enough “content” for a regular TikTok video.

Stories can also be a way to tease upcoming launches or new videos coming that your audience will be excited for. You can also repost the same Stories that you’re already posting on Instagram, or clip together the Stories afterwards to create a TikTok video.

Utilizing the sticker feature of Polls, Questions, hashtags, live countdown, gifs, emojis and more can draw more engagement to your Story (and overall videos).

TikTok Stories also encourage the users to be on the app more because they want to see what behind-the-scenes limited Stories are posted by their favourite Creators.

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TikTok Stories: yay or nay?

If you’re already consistently posting on Instagram Stories, TikTok Stories can be an easy addition to your social media plan. 

TikTok Stories can be repurposed from your IG Stories or vice versa if you want to cross-promote your content. Just remember to keep a balance of regular TikTok videos too!

Let me know your thoughts on using TikTok Stories for your business in the comments.

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