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My number one piece of advice for any social media post is to always have a call to action. Calls to actions (CTA’s) are a crucial part of any post because you always want to have a purpose or message with each post.

A call to action is direct driver telling your audience what to do next so they can engage further with your post. It can be a direct CTA to promote sales or it can be a fun CTA to engage on your post.

Here’s four different types of social media call to actions to drive engagement:

Social Media Call to Actions to Drive Engagement | Miller Digital

Short and sweet

Introducing a short and sweet CTA every once in awhile can be used on fun, entertaining or education posts.

Don’t use these all the time because they lack the main purpose of your social media strategy – driving traffic back to your site or offers.


Ask them to drop an emoji if they feel the same way

Double tap if you feel the same way!

Social media captions to drive engagement | Miller Digital

Ask questions

Asking to the point questions that are either direct or open ended are a great way to get engagement on your posts. These can encourage your ideal clients to engage in your post or send you a DM directly.

I use this type of CTA in the majority of my posts because I love to hear feedback from my audience.


Do you use xyz?

What’s your favourite xyz?

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Get them to agree with you

Creating a topic point that your audience wildly agrees with can get lots of engagement on your posts. This can be combined in a question format.


Do you also like to xyz?

Do you feel the same way about xyz?

Tell them what to do next

You need to capture your audience’s attention fast so they don’t scroll onto the next post, so tell them exactly what you want them to do next to keep engaging with you and your offers.

This type of CTA is one of the most important ones to drive traffic to your website or offers!

Keep in mind Instagram and TikTok doesn’t allow you to put URL links in your posts, but you can add them directly to Facebook and LinkedIn.


Grab xyz through my link in bio!

Click here to get your xyz

Grab your freebie here

Sign up for my workshop!

This last example is a double whammy because I combined a direct action with a question to promote my blog post.

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Start with the end in mind

One of the easiest ways to remember to use a call to action is to have your end goal of your call to action in mind first before you start writing or filming a video.

Add it in to the post first and then write the rest of your caption!

What call to actions have you found successful on your posts? Share below!