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Have you ever struggled deciding on the right song to use in your TikTok videos? With millions of users producing new content everyday, how do you stand out amongst the crowd?

It might be the special effects, the videography, your content but oftentimes it’s your choice in music that can make your viewer count skyrocket through the roof. To get ahead of the game, I’ll show you where to find on-trend music in a matter of seconds.

how to find trending tiktok sounds | Miller Digital

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Music trends on TikTok

Now typically, jumping on the bandwagon is a huge no-go. No one wants repetitive content on their feed, unless it happens to be TikTok. Here, taking part in the latest trends is the secret to finding success. TikTok used to be an app called Musical.ly, whose premise was all about video content that revolved around music. It comes to no surprise that audio continues to be a big part of the app’s identity.

Using trending songs is one of the easiest ways to hop on a trend. When the algorithm sees that a large number of users have begun to use a particular audio track, it promotes it to more viewers. Inspired, this causes individuals to hop on with their own rendition creating a chain-reaction that can go on for weeks. 

How to find trending TikTok sounds

Now, not just any song will make it out on top. In fact, being on the Billboard’s Hot 100 list doesn’t even guarantee that a song will go viral on TikTok. The music used has to be catchy, relatable and most importantly have a powerful tagline. Sounds from a tv show that was popular years ago can come back around.

Youtube and Spotify can be a great place to look but like I said, being popular doesn’t always translate on TikTok. So what’s the solution? Driven by a data engine that monitors and analyzes over 80 million of the most popular videos, Tokboard keeps track of the songs gaining traction on TikTok. No second guessing, you can get a list of curated songs ready to push your videos to a larger audience group. 

Once you find a sound on Tokboard you’d like to use, go and search for the exact creator and sound on TikTok. Select “use this sound” or save it as a favorite for later.

Final thoughts

When businesses join in on the fun, you become more approachable, making it absolutely key to growing your brand in a fun and organic way! When you make your next Tiktok video, check out Tokboard.