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First, let’s talk about the importance of content buckets and why the heck you need them in the first place.

Content buckets (or pillars) are the core topics you focus on to differentiate your brand from others. It’s the idea of creating 2-4 key topics that you always talk about to establish yourself as an expert in that area.

If you’re talking about a multitude of topics and are all over the place with your content, your audience will become confused as to what you do and you will lose the key piece to establishing yourself as an authority on a topic. You want to become the person that if you had a friend looking for home renovation advice, you’d say “Hey, you should check out ______ because she is amazing at it!”

The biggest piece my clients or followers say is “I don’t know what to post about” or “I don’t know how to create content buckets”.

I have a content bucket brainstorming exercise that I have my clients go through and I find it’s a quick and effective way to evaluate what’s important to you and and your audience.

Let’s get started on your content buckets:

How to choose content buckets | Miller Digital

Make sure you have your target audience identified before starting this exercise! Find out how to figure out who your target audience is.

Let's do a brainstorm!

To show you a real-life example, I’ve done this exercise as if I was a Health Coach.

Write down every topic that excites you about your business or blog. The topics can be related or unrelated to what you’re currently putting out for content.

Write down anything that comes to mind!


Health Coach Content Bucket Excercise | Miller Digital

Break it down

Have a look at your list and pick 4-8 topics that relate to your business and the direction you want it to go, keeping in mind what your audience would like to know or learn more about.

Content Buckets Breakdown | Miller Digital

Going in-depth

Now, look at those 4-8 topics and pick 2-3 topics that excite YOU the most. Ask yourself which of those brainstorm topics could you talk about all day long?

Remember that these content buckets need to be topics you’re excited about, too, because otherwise you won’t produce content for them on a consistent basis if you dread talking about it!


Health Coach Content Buckets | Miller Digital

For our Health Coach, we’ve chosen recipes, nutrition tips and workout routines.

Don’t choose more than 4 content buckets, because as I mentioned above, you won’t be establishing yourself as an authority and will start to confuse your audience.

Once you have your content buckets selected, the next step is creating content ideas for them! You can download my free 30-Day Content Planner here to get ideas instantly!

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