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      Hey, I’m Courtney!


      I help females coaches, course creators and consultants learn how to leverage Instagram to grow their online audience with the highest performing Reels, Stories and Feed content that is organized in a way where they are spending less time than ever before creating content and go back to having a life off of social media while still making bank $$$! 

      I have spent 6+ years behind the scenes of every kind of Instagram account you can imagine – from small businesses, to restaurants, influencers, networking groups, e-commerce, clothing boutiques, hotels, consultants, beverage brands, realtors, non-profits, beauty brands and more – and they all have one thing in common: it’s exhausting as hell to create content day after day, year after year while running your business at the same time. The common theme I hear all the time is “I’m tired of coming up with new content!”

      And I totally hear you. Once I started working full time with a client list and was constantly creating content for my launches and offers and was overwhelmed with the amount of content I always had to post.

      knew there had to be an easier way to take the content I had already put out there and make me sales on automation…and that’s the process I’m teaching you in this workshop series.

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