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Canva recently released an awesome feature to create a landing page for any of your social media link in bios! It allow customization of your own branding colours and images to make it completely in tune with your business and brand.

This is a great alternative to Linktree if you don’t have a self-hosted site or want more creative flexibility with a free design.

I’m walking you through it step by step so you can customize your new landing page right away. Check out the tutorial below:

Canva Hack Link in bio landing page | Miller Digital

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Step 1 - create a Canva account

If you don’t have a Canva account yet you can sign up for one a free one here.

I personally love Canva because they give you SO many wonderful features and designs to use for FREE!

Canva landing page hack step 1 | Miller Digital

Search for “Bio Link Website” in the search bar and you will see it give you a variety of templates to choose from or you can create your own design.

Canva link in bio hack step 2 | Miller Digital

I choose the third design and you are able to customize it to your branding colours, fonts, photos, add elements and graphics and anything you like in the template!

Step 2 - customize your page

Canva link in bio hack step 3 | Miller Digital
Canva Link in bio hack step 4.5 | Miller Digital

Change your Canva file name to your website or brand name because this is what will show up on the browser!

Canva link in bio hack step 5 | Miller Digital

Select on the box or text you would like to hyperlink to your links, and click on the link button at the top right of the menu. Copy and paste your external link and press “Apply”.

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Step 3 - publishing your link

Option 1 - hosted on Canva

Once you’re finished designing, click on the download arrow button and make sure you have the “Presentation” web style selected. Click on “open website”.

Canva link in bio hack step 6| Miller Digital

Your link will open in a new browser tab. Your link is hosted directly on Canva’s site. Go to the bottom right of your browser and select the share button on far left. Click on “copy”.

Canva link in bio hack step 7 | Miller Digital
Canva Link in bio hack | Miller Digital

This is the physical link to your landing page that you can paste in your Instagram or social media bio. However, you most likely want to make it shorter and cleaner for your URL link to be displayed!

Head to a URL shortener website like bitly to make it shorter.

Canva link in bio hack | Miller Digital
Canva link in bio hack | Miller Digital

Paste in the Canva link, click “Shorten” and then copy the bitly link to your link in bio URL.

Option 2 - Embed on your website

If you have a Canva Pro account you can embed the code from Canva directly onto your website so you can avoid it being hosted on Canva’s site. See their article here to learn how.

Now you've got your free link in bio page!

Are you going to try this hack out? Let me know below!

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