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Many employees across the world are now discovering the many joys and challenges of living like a solopreneur and working from home. Joys like being able to throw in a load of laundry during the day, or wear whatever you want! 

Or challenges like rolling out of bed at a normal hour, or trying to keep up with the dirty dishes! Here are 9 work from home productivity tips to help you be the best worker you can be:

9 work from home productivity tips

1. Set a start and end time

If you already have set working hours with your company, stick to it and keep that routine. Your commute will be shorter, so that’s a bonus! And finally – close that laptop when it’s quittin’ time!

2. Shower and get dressed

I know, this one can be tough for me too! But I promise you will feel ready to tackle the day if you have a shower to wake yourself up and get out of those pj’s. Do your hair and makeup if you feel like it! Make the effort to look professional as if you were still heading into the office – especially if you’re doing video calls.

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3. Have a designated office

I understand this one can be hard if you don’t have the space – but try to make an extra bedroom, spot at the kitchen table or a cozy patio table become your workstation only. Not your bed or the couch!

If you have access to the right equipment, ensure you have an ergonomic setup with the right chair, lighting, keyboard, monitors and mouse.

4. Take a lunch break

Ensure you still give yourself the mental break from your daily work and step away from the computer to enjoy your lunch. Don’t eat in front of the computer or tv, and try to do something that will make you refreshed. Take a walk outside, read a book, play with your pet or meditate.

5. Put away the phone

We all know how much of a distraction your phone can be – a quick check on social media or your e-mail can turn into an hour wasted. Set your phone on silent, put it in another room or turn it over so you’re not distracted by the notifications.

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6. Communicate expectations to others at home

If you have children, spouses, parents or roommates working from home with you now, make sure to communicate expectations with each other on time. Let your kids know not to come into your office when you’re on the phone, or tell your spouse not to bother you unless it’s an emergency or for a meal break. Find out what schedule works best for your family and then ensure everyone is on the same page.

7. Play some background noise

Working from home can be quiet – eerily quiet. Turn on some music, put on your favourite podcast or keep the TV on low in the background. This can help simulate the sounds you’re used to in the office or to drown out other noises in your home.

8. Set time blocks for tasks

Just like a regular workday, set yourself a time to complete different tasks or meetings. Create a schedule for yourself for the day and turn on a timer to keep yourself accountable.

9. Clean up your work area

At the end of each workday, clean up your work area of dirty dishes, scrap paper, documents and post-its. Leave it clean for yourself the next day and plug in any electronics for charging overnight. Starting with a clean space the next day will do wonders for your mindset!

Do you have any other productivity tips you’ve found useful when working from home? Leave in the comments below!